Belgian Linen; the internationally protected linen

If you're considering investing in linen sheets or bedding and not sure where to start, these are two easy tips to look for when you're shopping to guarantee you get the best linen available.

Firstly, check where your linen is made. This makes a huge difference to the quality of your linen. While almost all flax is grown in Europe, most linen in Australia is made in China or India by labelling it as 'French Flax Linen' or similar. Simply put, this means the flax was grown in Europe but all other essential transformation processes occurred elsewhere in the world. 

If you want the highest quality linen, look for genuine Belgian Linen™. Belgian Linen is protected under international law, and widely known as the highest quality linen in the world. When your linen has the Belgian Linen logo, it guarantees:

    1. The linen has been grown, woven and made in Belgium using only the highest quality materials
    2. Construction by highly skilled experts, who have been making world class linen for centuries
    3. All the essential processes to transform flax into fibre are done locally, with meticulous care and importantly in the optimal climate of Belgium
    4. Cultivated and manufactured sustainably

Look for: The Belgian Linen Trademark, proudly on all Dark White linen.

Dark White Linen Belgian Linen Logo Certified genuine Belgian Linen


Next, look for the Masters of Linen® certification. 

This mark guarantees your linen was made in Europe, from flax to textile. The ultimate hallmark of quality linen that few Australian brands have, this certification ensures:

    1. Made 100% in Europe
    2. Sustainable production that respects the environment
    3. No irrigation, GMO or waste
    4. Field retting and mechanical scutching to extract fibres (this is critical to quality textiles!)
    5. Social ethics
    6. Excellence in innovation

The Masters of Linen certification, proudly on all Dark White linen.

Masters of Linen Logo used on all Dark White Belgian Linen to certify the high quality sustainable linen


By choosing Belgian Linen, you'll enjoy the finest linen in the world. Our linen is proudly made in Belgium, and we can't wait to share it with you. Discover the difference and shop our top selling Affiner Collection today.