What is European Flax Linen?

It's no secret that linen is amazing, but how do you choose the right linen? It's not easy, we get it. 

We want to make it simple and help you understand the differences between Flax Linen, European Flax® Linen and of course our Belgian Linen™.

  1. Belgian Linen is superior to Belgian Flax Linen. One is grown, woven and sewn in Belgium, and the other is merely flax that was grown in Belgium and transformed elsewhere, often China.
  2. Masters of Linen® is superior to European Flax Linen. European Flax means the linen was grown in Europe, retted in the fields (this is important), and the fibres are mechanically extracted and spun into yarn. From yarn, it's woven into a textile elsewhere. Masters of Linen however, is much higher quality. This is because Masters of Linen uses European Flax as the raw material, but is woven and constructed into the final bed linen in Europe with meticulous skill.
  3. Flax Linen without any geographic reference can come and be constructed absolutely anywhere. 

Our linen is not only genuine Belgian Linen, but Masters of Linen and OEKO-TEX® certified too, something few Australian brands have.

Making linen is complex. Where and how your linen is made makes a significant difference. Read about this internationally protected textile here. 

Discover Dark White Linen that is uniquely soft, made sustainably and in timeless colours.