About Us

Flashback to a relaxed European summer, enduring almost unbearable heat and humidity, and the foundations for our company began. How was it that during these hot summer nights, laying in bed was comfort like nothing else? We weren’t sure either. Turns out, our bodies were wrapped in it. Linen.
Overnight, DARK WHITE was born.
This textile is something the Europeans have been enjoying for centuries. But while what they have available in abundance, we don’t. 100% European Linen.
We searched Australia far and wide for the linen we fell in love with, only to find it’s rare in Australia. Everything we tried mislead us, as I’m sure it has you, too. Don’t get caught out by “French Flax” linen. The only thing that’s French about it is exactly that, the flax. Grown in France, then shipped off elsewhere.
After months of searching, our determination found a supplier that’s lining the walls of boutique hotels and the furnishings of luxury homes. Instantly, we fell in love.
Almost immediately, we boarded a plane to see if this could be true. What we saw was an unrivalled passion for linen, stemmed from generations of experience and quality control that would give border security a run for its money.
What we learned next would go on to keep us awake for weeks. All of the water required for the manufacture of our linen, is purified and stripped of any contaminants before being released back into the ecosystem. It was this precise moment we knew we had something different.
So, we’re not your average linen brand.
We took a timeless texture and painted it Melbourne - bringing you uncompromising quality that’s made ethically, sustainably and in shades that will never go out of style. No matter what the day throws your way, we believe that from the comfort of your bed you can be anywhere. 
We can’t wait to share it with you.
Mel and Simon.
Founders, DARK WHITE.