Belgian linen, a cut above the rest

Linen is timeless in both style and comfort and ours is no different. However, not all linen is created equally. Ours is 100% Belgian Linen™ made using only the highest quality fibres and lovingly crafted with over 150 years of experience. As such, it’s certified genuine Belgian Linen. This is the ultimate hallmark of quality, and only available when fibres are woven in Belgium from at least 85% European flax.

The Belgians are to linen, what the French are to champagne. In the world of textiles, Belgian Linen is one of the most prized. It’s uniquely soft, thanks to the highly skilled artisans and traditional craftsmanship behind the textile. Under European law, Belgian Linen is geographically trademarked, the same way that Champagne is restricted to the unique growing conditions of Champagne, France.

All linen comes from flax, but most linen available today is made in China or India from European flax. These are labelled as ‘European Flax Linen’ or ‘French Flax Linen’ which means the flax was grown and harvested in Europe, then shipped off far and wide to be transformed into a textile. This is where everything begins to change. Linen made elsewhere, fails in quality and the benefits of your linen are compromised.

In Belgium, the traditional process to transform flax into textiles is respected by these highly skilled artisans. The flax has absolutely zero wastage ensuring every part of the plant is used and the manufacturing is done with minimal impact on the environment. In some instances, they are even carbon neutral. Compare that to elsewhere in the world and these processes aren’t as kind. They’re done with less knowhow, usually chemically accelerated and highly wasteful to name a few. Read Don't Be Fooled By French 'Flax' Linen to learn more.

When shopping for Belgian Linen, there are a few things to look for to ensure quality. Look for ‘Belgian Linen’ vs ‘Belgian Flax Linen’ to identify that your linen was woven in Belgium. Then, there are two trademarks you can look for. The first is MASTERS OF LINEN®, and the second is BELGIAN LINEN™. These are internationally protected, and only available under license. And yes, all our linen products carry these trademarks certifying only the highest quality linen that you will enjoy for many decades to come.